The Company

Woodapple resources is a dream of a mission to design relationships. The company aims to create business with social economic impact and people good model which is sustainable and employable. Woodapple anchors all the diversified dots by providing unmatched and uncompromised services in the sector of education and iron n steels through its innovatively engineered aggregation and integration pathways.We envisaged need for transformation in education12 years back, which has been now been endorsed by NEP 2.0 for all the stake holders hence keeping the same in mind, we introduced Udaan the 7-habit foundation school with habit and skill-based curriculum in 2009, scaling up the project understanding the future of learning we have introduced School For Me a hybrid learning environment platform which involves 3 stakeholders school, student and teachers. Further with rising concern of capacity building of 21st century kids we took great responsibility of stepping into publication and content creation focusing on catch them early concept embedding correct learning and skills through our textbooks from early age reducing remedial learning and skilling efforts in the youth age. Integrating innovative pedagogies with national education policy and national curriculum framework to bridge the education, employment and empowerment gap in the country. The company horizontally has also stepped into iron n steels sector creating new opportunities for networking, business outreach and capacity building giving a new experience to the sector.


Our mission is to eliminate the divide & to build educated, employed, empowered communities in India.


Our Vision is to create excellent education environment imparting quality and equal education to all our stakeholders making us globally significant.

Our Team


30+Years Experience


15+ Years Experimenting


24x7 Evolving


1000 Times Enthusiastic


100% Engagement


360* Educational Qualification